From corporate offices to middle schools, high schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, VA hospitals, hotels, and YMCAs, Fresh Healthy Market is continuing to expand our footprint and promote our mission to make healthy eating the standard, instead of the alternative.

Health and Wellness Initiatives Are Becoming More Popular Everyday
As you can see, schools, corporate offices, and community centers are working hard to provide their communities with the guidance that will help them fight obesity and make positive nutritional choices. Little by little, health and wellness programs are spreading across the country; all because of local initiatives to lead healthier lives.

Our Smart Vending Machines and Micro Markets Are A Great Fit In Any Facility
Fresh Healthy Market can help you with your wellness program. Our state of the art vending machines will empower the members of your community to make healthy choices on their own. We will even give you a free, healthy vending machine that is stocked with delicious, affordable, and nutritious food and beverage options that will excite and motivate your community along their journey to a healthier future.

Join Us in Our Fight Against Obesity
If you would like to provide value to your community by offering healthier food options, we are eager to help you get started. Contact us today, our courteous, friendly, and professional representatives will be happy to provide you with the information needed for you to get a free machine in your facility.

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