Vending machines

It’s a well known fact that unhealthy eating habits are slowly killing adults and children. In fact, this issue has now reached epidemic levels and is costing hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare spending every year. There’s No Need to Settle for Unhealthy Food Any Longer It’s time to level the playing field and put an end to obesity. Unfortunately, due to flashy marketing, fancy gadgets, and convenient, but unhealthy foods, fighting the bulge can seem like an uphill battle. Thankfully, there are valuable tools (like Fresh Healthy Market’s fresh vending machines and micro markets) that are being used in the fight against obesity. Fresh Healthy Market offers nutritious snacks and drinks in convenient locations that grab the attention of consumers with their advanced technology and eye-catching designs. Our State of the Art Vending Machines Are Here To Shake Things Up We’ve all seen the boring vending machines that are on practically every corner. These unremarkable machines are no match for the revolutionary Fresh Healthy Market vending machines. In addition, our innovative smart machines offer the following benefits:
Fresh Machine

  • Eye-catching graphics and a fresh lightbox that will be sure to catch the eyes of passers-by
  • Coffee machine that sells organic, freshly ground, gourmet coffee, lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, snacks, beverages, and more.
  • Ability to house both chilled (100% fruit juices, organic milks, cold water, etc.) and non-chilled (dried fruits, chips, organic bars, etc.) products
  • Ability to sell perishables (smoothies, yogurts, fruits and vegetables), various beverages, and healthy snacks
  • State of the art, energy efficient machines that meets safety standards
  • Ability to accept both cash and credit cards
  • Innovative technology that ensures easy delivery of the product

Fresh Healthy Market understands that there is a growing needs for affordable, nutritious, and great tasting options in vending machines. All of the foods in our smart machines meet and/or exceed nutritional guidelines and are a great fit in any facility. We Are Making A Difference One Vending Machine At A Time At Fresh Healthy Market, we believe that obesity (and the related health consequences that it causes like diabetes and heart disease) has reached epidemic proportions. People everywhere deserve to have easy access to nutritious, delicious, fresh, and affordable products. In this way, nutritious eating is made more convenient and it is easier for consumers to lead healthier lives. We are on a mission to change the perception of vending machines and healthy foods in the U.S. We understand that old habits die hard so we want to place our smart machines in as many locations as possible. In this way, consumers are provided with the choices that they deserve, not the unhealthy, high calorie foods that are the norm in traditional vending machines.

We Are Making A Positive Impact in Communities With Our Healthy Vending Machines
Our innovative smart machines are now in over 100 locations (from middle schools, community centers, corporate offices, and more) all over the nation. In other words, we are well on our way of expanding our footprint and promoting our quest to make healthy eating more commonplace, rather than an afterthought.