What is fresh vending

Originally, vending machines were utilized for a much different purpose than they are utilized today. They were invented well over a 100 years ago and, believe it or not, were originally intended to sell holy water. In 1888, we saw the first vending machines that sold edibles i.e. they were gum dispensers that were located in the train stations of New York City. By 1950, they provided vendors with the capabilities to sell refrigerated sandwiches however, few sold these perishable goods.

A New Twist on an Old Automat
It wasn’t until recently, that vending machines began selling more than their usual fare of cigarettes, soda, candy, and coffee. Nowadays, you can find vending machines that sell eggs, fresh fruit, nutritious juices, raw milk, fresh meals on the go, and much more. These foods don’t contain any preservatives and provide consumers with healthy options that many fast food restaurants and other vending machines just don’t offer on their menus.Popchips

This new movement, dubbed ‘Fresh Vending’ is making waves all over the country. Fresh Vending aims to make healthy eating more accessible, convenient, and affordable by providing a nutritious alternative to the traditional vending machines that are filled with junk food. That is to say, food that is loaded with fat, preservatives, salt, processed sugar, and a host of other chemicals that are unhealthy and unsatisfying. The result is a diverse and nutritional menu that is accessible to consumers with just a push of a button.


Fresh Healthy Market is A Pioneer in the Fresh Vending Industry
At Fresh Healthy Market, we are concerned about the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping our country and the world. To help turn things around, we sell natural, organic, and healthy foods and beverages from innovative vending machines that fit right in at hospitals, corporate environments, health clubs, community organizations, schools, and other similar facilities. In fact, our in-house Products Departments works closely with Nutrition Directors to make sure that all the products placed in our machines meet and/or exceed nutritional guidelines.

We hope to put a dent in the oHonest drinkbesity epidemic by adhering to the following two tenets:

  • Providing convenient and quick meal options that are natural and healthy. Foods that consumers can feel good about eating
  • Getting healthful foods that will keep them going when they are away from home, at great prices, and in convenient locations.

We provide smart machines that are cheery and bright and are filled with healthy, all natural, organic, and great tasting food that is good for you and that will keep you going all day long. This is unlike traditional vending machines that offer snack and beverage options that are filled with empty calories.

The Bottom Line
Instead of the dark and depressing traditional vending machines, our smart machines provide healthy, convenient, organic, and natural meal, snack, and beverage options to consumers when they are away from home. In this way, when they are looking for a quick snack that won’t make them feel guilty and provides the horrible crash that comes from ingesting unhealthy foods, healthy foods are readily available with just a click of a button.

Are you interested in learning more about Fresh Healthy Market? Contact us today to learn how we are planning to change the perception of vending machines and health food in the U.S.